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Monthly Archives: January 2015

01/17/2015 – Karachi, Pakistan: Yesterday Asif Hassan, a photographer working for Agency France-Presse in Karachi, was shot in the back while covering a protest against the publication of Charlie Hebdo cartoons considered blasphemous in Pakistan. Hundreds of people from Islami Jamiate-e-Talaba had gathered for the protest when shots rang out wounding Hassan in the lung and narrowly missing his heart. Hassan is now recovering was rushed to the hospital by fellow photographers and is in stable condition.

Last year I was lucky enough to spend time with the brave photographers of Karachi. Seeing and hearing their harrowing stories of zooming in and capturing news pictures on the violence filled streets of Karachi had me realizing these guys do their job with a maximum of daring and a minimum of support. Photographers are seen as the lowest tier of journalist in Pakistan. As a result their pay is often humble and their training inadequate for the dangers they face.

I was compelled to make this video to highlight their story using their motorbikes as a way to tell their story. I am hoping that by working with local press clubs like South Asia Photojournalist Association I can help these guys get more training

In this video Photojournalist Mohammed Athar Khan with the Express Tribune talks about his work as a photojournalist covering Pakistan. Khan and his colleagues cover the dangerous streets of Karachi with motorbikes, which allow them to quickly get in and out of hazardous news scenes that are impossible to get in and out of any other way.

I wish Hassan a speedy recovery and a safe ride to all of the brave photojournalists of Karachi.