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Name: Mohammad Jassim Mohammad

Age: 25

Job: Iraqi Army Soldier

Injury: Right arm amputation above elbow.

Q: How were you injured?

A: “One day while on patrol in Mosul in May of 2005 a car bomb exploded near me.”

Q: Can you tell me the names of US soldiers who shared the fighting with you?

A: “Yeah, I remember my friend with whom I played. We always met, chatted, sat in the room, went out on patrols together. He always depended on me. He told me: “Mohamed. You have a big body.” And, Rice, a dark American. They like me very much because I have a big body, I was with them all the time, and I am fearless. I went with them anywhere. They like me very much and they went out on patrols with me.”

Q: Do you believe it is suitable for the Americans to leave Iraq? Is the Iraqi army at the present time able to take over from the Americans?

A: “I believe it is not suitable for the Americans to leave now. Because Iraq is now in a crisis and if they leave it would be chaos. Iraqi airplanes now do not fly. It has to be an American airplane to provide protection in case of street wars or anything. American airplanes protect the country. I believe it is not in Iraq’s interest if the Americans leave.”

Q: Do you mean that the government at the time being is incapable, still new?

A: “The government now is not able. The government is now in dispute. It hasn’t managed to form its own government, let alone being able to protect the country from a sectarian war. If the Americans leave I don’t believe there will be more security, I don’t believe there will be more security than now.”

Q: You now suffer from your wounds. Do you regret this or are you proud because the sacrificed?

A: “I am proud of this, because I didn’t go for something that’s not good. I gave my blood and right arm and hand for Iraq, and secondly for my family and for them to live the right way. I didn’t do something wrong. I am proud of this thing because I sacrificed for my country and family.”

Q: What do you think for the future?

A: “My optimism for the future is that I sacrificed for Iraq, even if my children and grand children, as long as I gave this thing, even my son will be used to sacrifice instead of taking another path. He will consider that that’s what his father did and he’ll follow in his father’s footsteps.”

Q: Who helps you at home, your family, your friends?

A: “When I first was wounded, the right help came from my family but after some time there were problems. I then got married, and when I got married I felt comfortable. My wife, you know, my social and married life are now comfortable, thank God.”

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