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Name: Major Hussin Brisam Eidan

Age: 49

Job: Member of the Anti-Terrorism Forces, At Special Operations Head Office.

Injury: Left leg and finger amputation

Q: How were you injured?

A: “My injury occurred on the 3rd April, 2009. It happened as I was going on leave. A bomb was planted in my vehicle in Al-Sadeyya. My car actually belongs to the Government. It’s a civilian car. After driving for half an hour, from Al-Sadeyya to Al-Karrada, The blast took place. They took me to a few hospitals. Ibn Al-Nafies Hospital was the first. Then, to Al-Kendi Hospital. Then, the Military Unit took me to Ibn Sina Hospital inside the Green Zone. Which is run by the American Friends. And there, the left leg was removed, as well as my finger.”

Q: Did you work with the Americans?

A: “Yes, we were in combat together. At most of our missions we were with the Friends.”

Q: Can you remember any of their names and what you did together?

A: “Many names come into memory, as I worked together with our Friends. I served with Friends in all my missions, all but one as I recall, and that was for trial purposes. They wanted to see if we could do it without the Americans. One was Major Glayman, he worked with me for a while. And when my injury took place, he was there, and visited me at the Ibn Sina Hospital. Our Friends were serving for three months each with us, then they got replaced by another team. So, there are more names than I could tell you. There’s Major Sam, Captain Ben, Major Lemon, many names.”

Q: Do you believe that the Iraqi army is capable of taking over security?

A: “Yes, now the Iraqi Army is almost fully in charge of security tasks, except with logistic support and Air support, as we get that from our friends. So, once there is political stability in the country, and a “government” is formed, it would be possible for the Friends and Multi-National Forces to leave. And the Iraqi Army will be in control of the situation.”

Q: Is it the right time for the Americans to withdraw?

A: “At this time, this is not possible, as there is no political stability.”

Q: Do you regret the injury?

A: “I’m definitely proud of this because I offered this to my country. I have chosen the military career due to my passion for this line of work. Expecting I could be injured or even killed. This is all part of our duties. Because we raid major strong criminals, so, we were expecting this. Expecting that we, officers, would receive injuries. We expected this.”

Q: Do you receive good care at the clinic? Is your care expensive?

A: “Not for money, everything here is for free. Because the center is a military installation, and is under the Ministry of Defense. So, it’s for free. So, they look after us, but they seem to be a bit short on funds. They could use some improvements of some material, equipment, training courses to affiliates…. All this would make better this center and improve its function.”

Q: Is there anything you want to tell the American people?

A: “I request from the American Government, or the American Embassy, to provide support to our injured men in Iraq. Because we lack some equipment as I told you. Also, there isn’t that much attention. I’m requesting a US Visa to receive medical treatment in the U.S. because I saw the American wounded who came to visit a few times. They had artificial limbs, and acted as if they didn’t lose any limbs, and walked naturally. There was even a Captain who said, ‘After this trip to Iraq, I’ll be heading back to Afghanistan to visit my unit to thank those serving in my unit in Afghanistan.’”

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